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Natgen Plastomer Pvt Ltd combines its technical expertise with market insights to deliver customized solutions that exceeds customer’s expectations.

We always focus on product excellence and the company’s cutting-edge manufacturing setup is a KEY to its Commitment. World Class high precision machinery with latest inbuilt technologies, global standard quality checks, and innovations in manufacturing allow us to provide products that are reliable, durable and at par with all the standards of the world’s quality regulations.

Commitment to deadlines, highly scalable infrastructure, and a team dedicated to delivering excellence in product and service are the pillars of Natgen Plastomer Pvt. Ltd.’s corporate structure. The company is growing rapidly, venturing into new markets and assimilating global innovations to provide solutions that make a difference in the business of its worldwide clientele.

We at Natgen Plastomer Pvt. Ltd. manufactures PP Woven Bags with right technical parameters and construction along with the indefinite quality controls and standards. We provide the capability of completely customising (of various colours and different type of printing, coating, various sizes, GSM, etc.) pp Woven Bags to completely fulfil and satisfy our Customer’s need.

Our Vision

To be the most Respected and Reputable Business


Our Mission

To constantly strive to maintain the Highest possible

Quality Standards of our PRODUCTS by Strictly following working procedures and maintaining Strong Ethical Business Values

PP Woven Bags Natgen Plastomer Our Values

For a BUSINESS to THRIVE, each of its Employees and Management must work keeping in mind its CORE VALUES.

Integrity and Transparency

There must be sheer honesty and transparency in our business conduct.


We must treat everyone with great respect with caring attitude and having compassion and humanity for our employees and customers around the world.


Our Sole purpose must be to do what we do in the BEST way possible and so we must constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards in our day-to-day work and in the quality of the products we provide.


We must work cohesively with our employees and with our customers and partners around the world, building strong relationships based on tolerance, understanding and mutual cooperation.


We believe in being fully responsible for Our WORD, may that be the commitment made to the customer or the Quality of the Products we provide, and we are totally responsible for our conduct.


Safety of Customers, Employees and Ourselves is MUST and so we are committed to providing safe working environments through continuous improvement of our infrastructure, work practices and behaviours.

Value for CUSTOMER

“Our CUSTOMER is the one who makes us THRIVE”

Our Sole Belief is ‘We become what We CHOOSE to be’

  • We CHOOSE to put our customer’s interest before ours to fulfil their various needs.
  • We CHOOSE to use our expertise and efforts to achieve the best results for our customers.
  • We CHOOSE to be innovative in every aspect and try to provide our customers with the best and unique solution for their needs.
  • We CHOOSE to be True to our WORD and so are totally dedicated to the fulfilment of promises made by us.
  • We CHOOSE to be humble and affable with everyone who walks through our gates.
  • We CHOOSE to treat our customers and employees with utmost care and in respected manner.
  • We CHOOSE to be let not just our expertise, but also be guided by our conscience.

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